An Introduction...

Good public engagement strategies are not easy to develop, especially as stakeholder engagement sometimes raises social and ethical concerns.  This stakeholder engagement training will enable you to develop responsible stakeholder engagement strategies that have ethics and societal concerns at a core level. 

This stakeholder engagement training has, at its heart, the development of responsible stakeholder engagement processes. It is designed to address the social and ethical concerns of stakeholder engagement and encourages responsiveness to the concerns of stakeholders as a means of creating long-term value for your organisation.

Who is it for?

Stakeholder engagement is vital at all stages of your product / project lifecycle, therefore this training targets personnel across commercial organisations and funded research projects in roles responsible for product development and project management, as well as those responsible for managing relationships with key stakeholders.

Course Objectives

We recognise that you may have some experience in engaging the public in your research, so this course aims to develop those skills and to provide you with relevant tools that can help you better engage with the public. Consequently, the stakeholder engagement training has three main objectives:

  • To reinforce the idea that sharing your research with a broad range of stakeholders stimulates new perspectives
  • To help you proactively develop new skills for responsible stakeholder engagement
  • To identify relevant tools for embedding stakeholder engagement in your work.

Course Outcomes

Once you have completed all the lessons within this course, you will…

  • Understand social and ethical concerns of stakeholder engagement 
  • Understand how to develop responsible stakeholder engagement strategies 
  • Be provided with links to relevant tools to embed stakeholder engagement in your work