Welcome to the ORBIT collection of Tools and Assessments, created to assist you in embedding Responsible Research and Innovation across all of your projects.

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Organisational RRI Maturity Assessment

This tool is used to determine the level to which you are aligned with principles and practices of responsible research and innovation. You can log into your account and change your responses at any time. You can delete your responses and you can fill in more than one survey, for example to compare different projects.

RRI Intensity Level Assessment

This tool draws on a wide range of sources and rich discourse around RRI to provide the foundation of a system that can specifically address the needs of its user base. The RRI maturity model it produces set out to synthesise different perspectives on RRI with a view to providing an overarching perspective on the level of RRI maturity across projects or organisations.

Action Plan Generator

The RRI Action Plan takes results from your Organisational Self Assessment Tool and references the most recent from your Project RRI Intensity Level Assessment. We then check your organisations self-assessment results against the questions answered during your Maturity Assessment and create a list of questions for you to address regarding your project.

Action Plan Archives

The results page combines your most recent Organisational Self Assessment and your most recent RRI Maturity Survey into a Radar Graph that lets you quickly see which areas where there might be a shortfall. You do need to have completed at least one Self Assessment and one RRI Maturity Survey for the Results to display.