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Welcome to our dedicated hub for transformative training in Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). Explore our array of specialised courses designed for academics, universities, and organisations.

From Trusted and Environmentally Sustainable Research to cutting-edge Responsible Quantum Technologies, our training options are tailored to elevate your commitment to ethical practices and societal impact as we invite you to join ORBIT RRI in shaping a future where research excellence meets ethical imperatives.

Embrace the future of technology and innovation with ORBIT's AI Empowerment Series. Enhance your skills, advance your career, and become a leader in the age of artificial intelligence. We look forward to helping you achieve your professional goals.
Enabling you to develop responsible strategies that have ethics and societal concerns at their core. This course walks you through a stakeholder mapping exercise to identify relevant stakeholders, introduce best practices for public engagement, and develop an action plan for identifying opportunities for feedback.
Explaining the overlap and differences between Research Integrity, Ethics, and Responsible Innovation Going beyond standard University Research Integrity courses, this course digs deeper and encourage students to engage with the issues, questioning and understanding their motivations.
A background to data protection regulations, define roles, responsibilities, policies and procedures that can inform data governance including processing, storage, classification, retention, quality, risk, conformity and internal control of data in all its dimensions
A one-day workshop, pioneered at Oxford University’s Human-Centred Computing Department, that builds upon the familiar hackathon concept used in computer science. Combining scientists with specialists from to tackle a problem whilst considering social and ethical issues of design alongside technical ones.
This workshop is suitable for students, researchers, and anyone working in research and development with an interest in RRI. No prior knowledge of RRI is assumed, making the workshop accessible to everyone interested in learning about RRI.
Like any emerging technology, Quantum Information Technology brings unforeseen implications – both positive and uncertain. Anticipating these impacts during development is crucial to effectively respond to the risks and benefits as they emerge.
Amidst mounting climate change concerns, the call for accountability in environmental impact intensifies. Our Environmentally Sustainable Research course equips UK universities, CDTs, and organisations with essential tools and insights for ecologically responsible research.
Empower university staff with AI skills. Our focused, hands-on course covers diverse AI tools, including language models like ChatGPT, enhancing academic research.

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