Ethical Hackathons

Introduction to Ethical Hackathons

An Ethical Hackathon is a one-day workshop, pioneered at Oxford University’s Human-Centred Computing Department, that builds upon the familiar hackathon concept used in computer science. An Ethical Hackathon combines scientists with specialists from other fields who form teams that then tackle a problem that requires them to consider social and ethical issues of design alongside technical ones. Depending on the task, teams might produce a design document, mockup, or prototype. Entries are judged by external moderators in terms of ‘responsibility’, alongside traditional hackathon parameters such as efficiency and safety. The primary objectives of Ethical Hackathons are to foster mutual understanding among different groups, encourage future collaboration, and drive the creation of improved, socially responsible work.

Training Information


Ideal for students, researchers, and professionals in research and development, this workshop caters to individuals who have participated in a Foundation in Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) workshop and are acquainted with its methodology. Designed for those already familiar with the foundational principles of RRI, this advanced session builds upon existing knowledge, offering a specialised and deeper exploration of methodologies and practices in the field. Whether you are a student aiming to deepen your understanding or a seasoned researcher seeking to enhance your skills, this workshop provides a valuable opportunity to further refine your expertise in Responsible Research and Innovation.

Customise Your Training

Training organisers have the flexibility to customise their training in several ways. For those with time constraints, splitting the workshop over two days allows for a more digestible and focused learning experience. Alternatively, individuals seeking a balanced approach can opt for a blended format, combining the convenience of online modules with the benefits of in-person sessions. For those preferring the flexibility of remote learning, an online course is available, enabling participants to pace themselves through the material from the comfort of their own space. 

Extended Training

Blended Training

Online Course

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