RRI and Sustainable Chemistry

ORBIT were excited to be back at the University of Nottingham to provide Foundation in Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) training for the CDT in Sustainable Chemistry @CDTSusChem.

Sustainable Chemistry is an innovative field that focuses on designing products and processes that minimise environmental impact and maximise efficiency. This area combines principles from chemistry, engineering, biosciences, computer science, and business to develop eco-friendly solutions. It’s about creating chemicals and materials in a way that’s safe for people and the planet, aiming to reduce waste, conserve resources, and avoid harmful effects on nature.

The CDT in Sustainable Chemistry, a collaborative effort involving industry and academia, trains students in cutting-edge research methods and interdisciplinary approaches. It’s not just about learning chemistry; it’s about integrating knowledge from various fields to invent sustainable products and processes. The programme, equips students with practical skills and theoretical understanding to lead in sustainable chemistry. It prepares them to address significant challenges like designing sustainable molecules and materials, and creating energy-efficient manufacturing systems. By welcoming graduates from diverse scientific backgrounds, the CDT fosters a broad and inclusive approach to sustainable chemistry.

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) is crucial in sustainable chemistry because it ensures that research and innovation are conducted ethically and with public interest in mind. It involves engaging society, considering potential impacts, and making transparent, inclusive decisions. In sustainable chemistry, RRI helps guide the development of technologies and products that are not only scientifically sound but also socially beneficial and environmentally safe. It promotes a holistic approach to innovation, where the long-term effects on society and the environment are as important as the immediate scientific achievements. This aligns perfectly with the field’s goal of creating a more sustainable future.

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