Stakeholder Engagement

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This course emphasises positive engagement strategies, ethical practices, and sustainable outcomes. It aims to foster a constructive dialogue between organisations and their stakeholders, leading to mutually beneficial results and enhanced organisational performance.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing the Stakeholder Engagement course, participants will achieve comprehensive learning outcomes, enabling them to effectively manage and engage with stakeholders across various contexts. Learners will understand the essential principles of stakeholder engagement, including identifying, mapping, and prioritizing stakeholders. They will gain proficiency in aligning engagement strategies with organizational goals and mastering approaches and methodologies for meaningful interactions. Additionally, the course will equip participants with the skills to navigate ethical and legal considerations, measure the impact of their engagement efforts, and employ strategies to improve these processes continually. Ultimately, participants will learn how to create long-term value and sustainability through effective stakeholder engagement, leading to improved outcomes for both organisations and stakeholders. This course aims to foster a deeper understanding of the positive impact of well-structured stakeholder engagement on research, projects, and broader organisational objectives.

Benefits & Requirements

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