RRI Industry case study

  • Thomas Frenken GmbH
  • Ralf Eckert GmbH
  • Alexander Jüptner Die Johanniter
  • Andreas Hein Carl von Ossietzky University
Keywords: industry, responsible research, social alarm systems


The ambiact is a smart meter for social alarm systems. This innovative product is designed as a plug-adapter and can be placed between the power outlet and any appliance. If a connected appliance is not used for an individually untypically amount of time, (generally for more than 24 hours), the ambiact automatically generates an emergency call. This provides people living alone (especially the elderly) with more safety in their homes since help is called even if it cannot be actively summoned by themselves. People feel an increased quality of life since daily manual handling of care phones is no longer necessary, and social alarm operators get more satisfied customers and can even save costs by avoiding false alarms due to people forgetting regular handlings of their care phone. The impact achieved by the project was the development of an innovative and patented product which is accepted by both the customer (e.g. care providers) and the end-user.

How to Cite
Frenken, T., Eckert, R., Jüptner, A., & Hein, A. (2018). AmbiAct. ORBIT Journal, 1(3).