Inaugural Editorial

The ORBIT Journal- An Online Journal for Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT

  • Bernd Stahl De Montfort University
  • Marina Jirotka Oxford University


Responsible research and innovation (RRI) aims to ensure that the processes, outcomes and intentions of research are socially acceptable, desirable and sustainable (Von Schomberg, 2013). Recent political events, notably the UK’s vote to leave the European Union and the US election of Donald Trump as president underline the importance of these goals. The use of public funding for research and innovation, like most other government activities, can no longer be taken for granted. The ‘social contract for science’ (Jasanoff, 2011) that provided science funding and autonomy in exchange for trained researchers and innovation needs to be reflected upon and actively renewed. The public, users and other stakeholders need to be able to understand and contribute to the science and innovation system. RRI is an important way of achieving this.

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Stahl, B., & Jirotka, M. (2017). Inaugural Editorial. ORBIT Journal, 1(1), 1.