Smart Information Systems in Cybersecurity

An Ethical Analysis

  • Kevin Macnish
  • Ana Fernandez Inguanzo
  • Alexey Kirichenko


This report provides an overview of the current implementation of SIS in the field of cybersecurity. It also identifies the positive and negative aspects of using SIS in cybersecurity, including ethical issues which could arise while using SIS in this area. One company working in the industry of telecommunications (Company A) is analysed in this report. Further specific ethical issues that arise when using SIS technologies in Company A are critically evaluated. Finally, conclusions are drawn on the case study and areas for improvement are suggested.

How to Cite
Macnish, K., Fernandez Inguanzo, A., & Kirichenko, A. (2019). Smart Information Systems in Cybersecurity. ORBIT Journal, 2(2).